Matrimony Software

Matrimony Software Core Modules

  1. Registration & Checks existing Email
  2. Quick Search By Country, State & City etc
  3. Fully configurable from admin. if don't set then will not be displayed.
  4. Visitor Counter & Photo Upload
  5. Horoscope upload & Express Interest
  6. View Success story & Submit Success story
  7. Login using email address & Maintain Profile, change password & Forgot Password
  8. Manage static pages like About us, Privacy policy & Contact us etc
  9. Invite/Tell a friend, Search By id & set partner preference.

Additional Features:

  1. Success Stories: User can upload success story with photo, valid male and female user ids /passwords required. User ids of same gender can't use this feature. Admin will review, after approval, success stories can be seen on site. Admin can also upload success stories from CP (Administrator control panel).
  2. Registration: Registration is required in order to see address and contact numbers. All the select boxes values can be set from CP. User can upload photos.
  3. Photos, admin will review, after approval, will be visible on site.
  4. Email validation is also required by users, admin can also forcefully validate an email. In case of profile update, admin can again review the profile (if needed)
  5. Admin can approvel deny any photos, without approval no photos will be visible.
  6. User can upload horoscope as a photo, admin needs to approve in order to display on site.
  7. Email will be the login id or user id, as well as profile id is also by default user id. But user can change his/her user id after admin approval.
  8. Log in: After approval user will be notified by email, informing, "Your profile has been approved by administrator."
  9. My Account: User will be able to
    • edit profile
    • upload photo
    • preview profile
    • upload horoscope
    • change userid/password
    • set partner preference etc
    • Payment transactions info is also visible.
    • As well as they can express interest; if receiver user accepts interest then they can send messages.
  10. Membership: User can update membership, by default free membership. They can also make their profile as featured profile in order to display on first page on any regional pages or main international home page.
  11. Admin will have total control to set/edit/update/delete membership type, fees, featured fees etc from CP.
  12. User can pay fees by depositing cash.
  13. Advance Search: Covers all most all the main fields.
  14. Quick search is always available at the left side.
  15. Administrator will have total control. All the info, like new profile approval pending, photo approval pending, horoscope approval pending, email not validated, total profiles available etc can be seen at admin home page
  16. Admin will have control to delete, update, approve, and ignore profiles.
  17. Photos need to crop to make it small and large thumbnail.
  18. Admin will have control to delete, update, approve, and ignore photos.
  19. Admin user id/password can be changed, new user can be added.
  20. Payment transactions are visible for a particular profile.